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The First KEU Convention

    The first KEU (Kipor European Union) Convention was held at the Hannover Sheraton Hotel on April 27, 2012. Fourteen distributors from Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Holland, Norway and Sweden were invited to this meeting. Kipor’s chairman, Mr. Xiao Henglin and General Manager Ms. Danny Xiao attended the convention and addressed the attendees.
Based on the core development value of Kipor “innovation leads the future power”, Mr. Xiao introduced all of the achievements Kipor had made on product research and development, product innovation, energy saving and environmental protection. He stressed the importance of having all the distributors’ support and cooperation to set up KEU. 

Chairman Mr. Xiao Henglin addresses the distributors: Set up KEU

     Europe is one of Kipor’s most important overseas markets and the customers pay great attention to product quality and after market service. In order to set up a perfect market management system, enhance the enterprise brand image, increase market volume and extend the benefits of the enterprise and distributors to be shared, General Manager Ms. Danny Xiao made a decision to set up KEU in October, 2011. She put forward the “4 Unifications” policy of the European market management system: Unify the enterprise brand image, unify product configuration, unify the price and unify the warranty. The goal is to make the distributors united with fair competition under the unified market management system. 
   During the meeting, Ms. Danny Xiao made a detailed introduction on the goals, background and functions of setting up KEU. She also introduced the successful operation of KKU (Kipor Korean Union) and KPS (Kipor Power Systems) - Kipor’s North American company. Danny pointed out that KEU would provide an effective communication platform for the distributors, providing multiple support and service such as technical information, brand publicity and promotional support, financial support, emergency spare parts supply, distributor management and others.
    KEU group members introduced the KEU website, the Kipor VI system, Kipor’s European products category, the pricing system and warranty policy. The distributors attending the meeting engaged in a lively discussion on unified pricing and maintenance and offered insight and valuable suggestions. Danny gave detailed answers to the distributors’ concerns. 

Distributors discuss pricing and warranty


The Romanian distributor Mr. Silviu Petrescu speaks on price unification

The British distributor Mr. Richard Board addressed the delegates on warranty

General Manager Ms. Danny Xiao answered Distributors’ concerns

   he first KEU convention achieved great results through the cooperative efforts of Kipor’s leaders and the active participation of the distributors. In the future, Kipor will hold KEU conventions at regular intervals, not only to strengthen the communication with the distributors and form a cohesive force but make continuing contributions to maintaining Kipor’s brand, optimizing after sale service and expanding market volumes.